Friday, October 8, 2010

Key Note - Stephen Heppell

Stephen Heppell (@stephenheppell) starts early acknowledging the importance of experience over expertise, acknowledging the importance of action research, reflective practice and the art of the teacher practitioner.

Interesting throwing out the idea of 3 teachers taking a large class - one teacher leads, one manages differentiation, one intervenes for remedial repair work. He says, when one teacher does all this it is often serial when a team do it, it is parallel, learning occurs a lot faster.

"We've put stabilisers on learning" - Nice anaology with bike stabilisers and the use of a balnce bike for his two year old granddaughter which enabled her to be readied for when she got a bike with pedal at the age of 3 she rode it immediately without any problems. The challenge is how can we provide 'balance bikes' for our kids that then enable them to go for it independently, rather than put on the restraints on have them 'stabilised'.

Embarrassed to have not come across google translator and google earth timelines - which show the historical development of cities/paces over years.

Note to self, check out Matt Locke's blog channel 4, behind the interesting Mapumental.

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