Thursday, October 7, 2010

Key Note 3 - Lane Clarke

Lane Clarke is asking some probing questions -
1. What does it mean to learn?

2. Is their a difference between learning and knowing?

3. What is the difference between theme and authentic learning?

How does 'real world' learning compare to 'in school' learning? Shouldn't the school classroom prepare students for an authentic context rather than an artificial context.

Pleased to hear she's mentioned killing question stems and encouraging the use of 'wonderwalls' a place for kids to stick questions. Nice idea and I like the idea of encouraging the wondering, although that's why we need ICT because realistically who wants to wait for a question to be answered, maybe the next day, or next week? No one.

Critically here's some great questions to be asking after the initial finding out: So what? How can we use what we know to make a difference in our life and the lives of others?

Followed by: If I want to do this then what do I know and what do I need to know to achieve my end outcome?

She's into using thinkbox and thinktower (which cynically you can buy via her website - no creative commons). I like the ideas, the schema, the concepts of you don't know what you don't know, that's all good. Why do we have to pay for it and why at a conference like this do we have a keynote who does a sales pitch to a captive (captured) audience?
Nice to finsih with this video celebration of the crazy ones - the ones that believe they can change the world and do

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