Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breakout 1: Stephen Heppell (Learning Spaces & Places)

Stephen Heppell has presented a pretty interesting array of school space ideas accompanied with a dry English sense of humour. What I take from the is the importance of students being involved in the design of the learning spaces along with the improtance of considering the three spaces: Me, We and See.

Me: your private space (probably the main focus of schools currently and typically done quite well)
We: you and your collaborators (can be done OK but still desks often designed or arranged counter to this)
See: the here I am, this is my stuff space (schools are typically shocking at putting the the learning they do to their community and celebrating what they do).

Further thoughts and ideas can be explored at Stephen's website and of course many of the rules that work for physical spaces also apply to virtual spaces or his blog.

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