Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keynote 2: Steve Wheeler

We are in times of rapid change, teacher should be at the forefront leading this change rather than just reacting to it,

A few great quotes from the key note...

Doctors save lives, teachers make lives.

" Somewhere in your organisation people are already doing things differently and better. To create lasting change create areas of positive defiance and fan their flames" - Pascale and Sternin (read more from these guys and download the pdf here)

What students need - digital literacies, engagement and fun (for example serious games, interactive narratives, role play simulations), personalised learning (moving from just for me model - apprenticeship, the just in case model - standard curriculum,and the just in time curriculum bespoke curriculum back to the just for me model of personalised learning.

Steve Wheelers blog here

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