Friday, October 8, 2010

Breakout 5 - Cheryl Doig (Paperless Productivity)

Cheryl Doig's presentation is available on a live binder as a model for going paperless as much as possible. I've never heard of livebinder but this video tutorial may help open up some interesting uses. We looked at a bunch of different web2.0 tools

1. Dropbox - useful for sharing files (e.g. pdf) in a public way. It has the advantage of having permissions and synchronising both ways. Hot tip, the more teachers you can invite the larger the storage size made avaialable.

2. Google docs.

3. Tungle for scheduling, making meeting times and so on.

4. Stixy, not convinced.

5. Diigo. A more powerful bookmarking site than delicious. This is one thing I need to be exploring as I'd dismissed it earlier as another delicious (which I was happy with) but the snapshot facility and the sticky notes make it more powerful.

6. Evernote -a way of tracking things over time and not fogetting things.

Cheryl Doig's website thinkbeyond

Note to self - this invite to school of e-learning came via twitter while at Cheryl's workshop. Looks like a great collaborative space.

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