Thursday, October 11, 2012

One to one in a decile one school

Tamaki College has started with a One to One digital program but as a decile 1A school they have had to overcome a range of different challenges. Some solutions involve:

Getting parents on-board

- The establishment of a trust to raise money and to work as the negotiator with ICT providers meaning parents get good deals.
- Parents pay $3.50 per week for three years, about 85% works pretty well but there is a high amount of administration involved.
- One device chosen so that good prices could be negotiated.
- Meetings to help teach parents involved meeting in parents homes with groups of families, inolving food and bringing laptops

Getting staff on-board

- Lots of professional development, including catch-up PD sessions.
- Gone full on with google - gmail, google sites and use of google docs and teacher dashboard .(Cost $4 per year, per student)
- Made use of visual media often, using wevideo.
- Teacher dashboard allows monitoring and control of student websites
- Use of Linux open source software.

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