Thursday, October 11, 2012

Collaborate, Innovate and Educate

Kevin Honeycutt (website)

Another great key note, empathizing yet again the importance of teacher relationships in amongst the strategic use of ICT tools. Seeing the tough kids differently... Have you ever treated the scariest kid like he's the only one you trust. Love it: "Bill, this is a tough class this year - you got my back?".

"Even good kids will do stupid things when no ones watching" - but it shouldn't cost them for ever. We shouldn't have secret lives - secret lives are dangerous. The key is to be there with them and to help them make good choices in social places. We want to kids to think about their actions before they make them, before they press the like button. A great example illustrating this is the "Charlie bit my finger" clip on you tube. One way of doing this is monitoring kids name use online via google alerts. We could also look at being strategic about our online use by monitoring it rescue time. Some great videos to check out on his website. If we have kids doing great things with their technology they don't have time to do stupid stuff. Get kids to publish, to create, to generate commentary and critic on their work to help them get feedback.

A couple of great quotes:

"Kids learn when they have to learn". We worry about the loss of content but we need to help kids to be self teachers, lovers of learning and helping them to know how to learn how to learn. 

"Don't use the kids circumstances as excuses for not doing the right thing - kick kids butt with love".

"Teachers plant the trees they may not sit in the shade of".

Suggested book - The coming jobs war by Jim Clifton.

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