Friday, October 12, 2012

A thinking revolution: working smarter in a crazy world.

Final key note: Glenn Capelli

Strategies and tools are fine but they only work in conjunction with other layers of learning - you need to know your philosophy. Work out what you stand for and what you don't. Glenn Capelli's philosophy is summed up in the word neotony - "neoteny is ageing, yet retaining the childlike behaviour traits of spontaneity, creativity and living life with a sense of wonder. What we add, as we age, is wisdom".

Your philosophy should be able to lead you into the conversations that make a difference- with students and staff should be around "how better? how else?". Such as the kiazen approach, an approach of continuous improvement every day. Schools could have beneficial conversations based around The Three Russian Brothers - Morov (what can we do more of?), Lessov (what can we do less of?), Ridov (what can we get rid of?) and the cousin Tossin (what can we toss in). We need to get rid of cynicism and welcome skepticism - which is one of the many strategies and tools we can use. The final layer being the range of methodologies you use in teaching.  

Worth checking out the App for iPads "Thinking Caps" by Glenn Capelli (lifestyle - category).

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