Monday, November 3, 2008

Mole Day Celebrations

This was part of the famous mole day celebrations in my Year 13 Chemistry class at school. Mole Day of course arises from Avagadros number 6x10^23 and is from 6am - 6pm on the 23rd of October. The celebration consists of horrendously bad jokes told by Malcolm the mole (who yes, is a hedgehog hand puppet, but try find a mole hand puppet!). Here's an example... Q: What was Avagadros favourite dip? A: Guacamole (ha ha ha he he!!!). The special mole day cake is shared after we sing Happy Mole Day. Oh the celebrations of Chemistry. Anyway, check it all out on this video...


Manaiakalani said...

I think you need to meet the Mad Scientist from tamaki college! Here's the link to his/class blog.
click here to check it out!
...let your powers combine :)


Anonymous said...

We had a belated 'mole day' celebration for our last 12Chem lesson - a student brought in an awesome cake shaped like a mole. And of course they all loved the 'guacaMOLE' dip! Heather V