Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Charter for Compassion

I can't help but be taken by 2008 TED Prize winner Karen Armstrong's desire to get people of all faiths together to write the charter for compassion. Presently, religious fundamentalism can been seen to dominate the world's perceptions of religion and additionally create deep divides between differing faiths. The charter for compassion aims to show that all faith's share in the 'Golden Rule' in one form or another, that of showing compassion for others. We can all contribute our thoughts on this principle here. There is more to bind faiths together than to force them apart.

On watching the video I am also moved by the power of story telling. From an educational perspective the potential power of students we teach gathering the thoughts of others (students on values, community on issues close to their heart and so on) and sharing them as a collection of stories is a powerful way to communicate. I'd love to know if anyone has done anything of this sort and would like to share their experiences...


KB said...

Hi again,

I know you're already aware, but the voicethread I began with the teachers new to PYP has turned out really well (lots more comments since you initially saw it). http://tipoftheiceberg.edublogs.org/2008/11/17/pyp-induction/ I think make a start and people will impress you. I think the ideas you talk about are absolutely crucial to creating a peaceful world.

Darth Tater has done some great voicethreads on values which might give you some ideas.
http://ed.voicethread.com/share/88781/ for example, looks at why people hate.

Another interesting post...!



Angela said...

Hey Craig,

Wow! Powerful video - the message I got was 'We are one we are the same no matter where we come from, what we believe in! The good old saying "Treat others as you would like to be treated'

I wish life was that simplistic.

Very powerful video again a nice reminder/reflection for oneself.


Fendalton School said...

Hey Craig, I couldn't agree more. What a wonderful concept.

Craig Steed said...

Thanks KB, Ange & Rob for your comments. I put the idea out to teachers at our school today, in terms of thinking about values and the way they can explored by telling stories. This has heaps of potential and web2.0 tools like voicethread etc. have the ability to enhance the way these stories get told. I want to acknowledge it was KB's voicthread that got me thinking about this idea in the first place...